(An 12A and 80G Registered Non-Govt. Organization in West Bengal)
Reistered Office : Sahoobazar, Barbasudebpur, Sutahata , Haldia-721645
Reg No.- S0007138, Niti Ayog Reg No.-WB/2021/020793, 12A Reg No.- AAAAF8365JE20211, 80G Reg No.- AAAAF8365JF20219. CSR Reg No. - CSR00025412.

Misson & Vission

1. Disaster Recovery

A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples are floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, and other geologic processes. When a disaster strikes, recovery efforts led by people who live and work in affected communities are often overlooked and underfunded. The Disaster Recovery Network at Friends Fellowship is changing this reality. Since 2015, we've been shifting decision-making power to crises-affected communities through trust-based grantmaking and support. We make it easy, quick, and safe to support people on the ground who understand needs in their communities better than anyone else.

2. Help Needy students for their studies

Education is an important stage of life that we take for granted sometimes in the west. It is the stepping stone of a life of achievements, that opens new horizons for each child. There are part of the world that children struggle to reach that important step in life, from the luck of supplies for their daily needs at school, like food, clothes and materials to use for their studies. More than half of those children's abandon school in an early stage, or they will choose not to study at all, as they won’t afford the living expenses. Seeing students who don’t have any shoes to wear (they have slippers but it’s already overused), no decent uniforms to dress, no food for recess and no financial support for education. POVERTY is what hindering them to achieve their dreams and goals in life. It is well documented that poverty decreases a child’s readiness for school through aspects of health, home life, schooling and neighbourhoods but as what I have seen they really work hard just to pursue their studies.

Seeing them doing multitasking every day, working and studying at the same time, as many needs to stay away from their family and work in exchange for their education basics. I was like putting myself on their situations, I can’t definitely surpass those but how come they can? They are the young generations who don’t have anything but only a heart eager to be successful despite of the lacking of financial support still they’re easing the tiredness just to provide their needs for their schooling. God hears their prayers and also you have the opportunity to help and inspire them for we are accepting donations for the studies of this students.

3. Going to setup a old age home for the aged

One of the most neglected sections of our society is senior citizens. In our busy lives, we often forget to take out time to talk to the elders in our own homes, let alone lend a helping hand to the ones we're not related to. However, Friends Fellowship NGOs in the state which are helping the elderly live fulfilling, dignified lives. Friends Fellowship helps emotionally and economically abused senior citizens by helping them live a respectable and dignified life. They have several programmes through which they try to change the social and economic conditions of the elderly. Even though their head office is in West Bengal , they have a network across the country, so it should be easy for you to reach out and offer your help to them regardless of which city you're in. Dignity Foundation has been working with the elderly for over 21 years. With programmes like the Helpline for Senior Citizens, Dementia Day Care Centre, Loneliness Mitigation Centres, Senior Citizen ID Cards, and Ration cards, they enable senior citizens to live an active and happy life. Dignity Foundation has a presence across west Bengal.Age well Foundation aims to empower the elderly while also bringing about a change in the perception of old age. According to their mission, they advocate for the needs and rights of senior citizens and extend a helping hand to them wherever required.