(An 12A and 80G Registered Non-Govt. Organization in West Bengal)
Reistered Office : Sahoobazar, Barbasudebpur, Sutahata , Haldia-721645
Reg No.- S0007138, Niti Ayog Reg No.-WB/2021/020793, 12A Reg No.- AAAAF8365JE20211, 80G Reg No.- AAAAF8365JF20219. CSR Reg No. - CSR00025412.


Hurricane Bulbul 2019

1. Provide financial assistance to those affected by Hurricane Bulbul 2019.
The devastating bulbul falls caused severe damage to the coastal areas of the South 24 Parganas district. The mud houses there collapsed after the effects of the storm. Cultivated land, drinking waste is completely destroyed. In this situation, Friends Fellowship Haldia provides financial assistance to the affected families based on the amount of loss.
Hurricane Bulbul 2019

2. Distribution of food items to poor families in 2020 lockdown.
On March 24, 2020, a nationwide lockdown began due to the corona virus infection. Due to which there is a shortage of food and daily necessities in the very poor families. Then Friends Fellowship voluntary organization handed over rice, pulses, potatoes, soybeans, oil, eggs and spices to a total of 2423 families.

Hurricane Bulbul 2019

3. Triple distribution to those affected by the 2020 Amphan storm.
On 20 May 2020, devastating Amphan storm affected various areas of South 24 Parganas and East Midnapore district. Many people in South 24 Parganas district became homeless due to the devastating storm. A total of 1300 Triple's Friends Fellowship helps these homeless people.
Hurricane Bulbul 2019

4. Distribution of food items to the victims of the 2020 Amphan storm.
The devastating Amphan storm has led to food shortages among the destitute people living in the Haldia area of East Midnapore district. In such a situation, Friends Fellowship handed over food items to 250 families.

Hurricane Bulbul 2019

5. Promoting awareness and distributing masks in the second wave of corona virus 2021.
The whole country is fighting against the second wave of corona virus. Friends Fellowship Haldia joins in this fight. Friends Fellowship Haldia notes that there is very little awareness of corona virus prevention among the villagers. So especially in villages the corona virus will spread the message and distribute masks and sanitizers. Along with this, awareness message will be spread through miking in street corners, markets.

cycloneyash 2021

6. Provide financial assistance to the victims of the cycloneyash 2021.
Many families in East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas districts were affected by the cyclone on Wednesday, May 26. Friends Fellowship Haldia commissioned a survey of members from East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas districts. According to the survey, financial assistance was planned for about 165 affected families. Each affected family will be assisted with Rs.2000 / -.

kukrahati 2021

7.Distribution of food items to the victims of the cyclone yash in kukrahati 2021.
The riverside areas of Medinipur district were severely affected and damaged before the onset of Cyclone Yas on the 26th. As a result of Yash, people in the riverside areas are facing shortage of basic necessities and food items. In this situation, a voluntary organization of Haldia named "Haldia against Kavid" decided to help 90 families by providing them with daily necessities through a survey in Kukrahati area. In order to fully implement the plan of "Haldia against covid", we, the Friends Fellowship Haldia, decided to jointly complete this task. on the 9th, Friends Fellowship Haldia and Havidia against Kavid, in a joint effort of these two voluntary organizations, food items were handed over to 90 families in Kukrahati area.

flood situation 2021

8. Distribution of relief in flood situation 2021.
Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Amta and Udaynarayanpur blocks. In this situation, there is a shortage of food among the people of the area. Then Friends Fellowship Haldia handed over food items to a total of 160 helpless families.

breaking the dam of Keleghai river 2021

9.Provision of financial assistance to flood victims by breaking the dam of Keleghai river 2021.
On 16th September 2021, the dam of Keleghai river broke and flooded large areas of Potashpur-1 and 2, Bhagwanpur-1 and 2 blocks. Then the members of Friends Fellowship visited Bajkul, Bhimeshwari, Kalaberia etc. areas under Potashpur-1 and 2, Bhagwanpur-1 and 2 blocks. People living in mud houses have taken shelter in the nearest relief center. In such a situation, the Friends Fellowship decides to provide financial assistance of Rs. 2000 to the helpless and destitute families.